About Lisa


Hi everyone, my name is Lisa. I’m 100% Latina with a Cuban background from the beautiful and sunny city of Miami, FL. I’ve been a full-time model, TV personality, and fitness mentor for more than 11 years with a worldwide social media presence of over 7 million followers. I enjoy fitness, traveling, fashion, cooking, dancing, giving back, taking photos, the beach, and spending time with those closest to me.

From a young age, I naturally gravitated towards activities allowing me to showcase my personality. I started modeling at the age of 15 getting my first big break in a Seventeen Magazine fashion show. At 19, I booked my first featured television role on one of the largest Spanish networks in the world. I’ve since co-hosted a popular weekly TV show on Telemundo and modeled for well-known swimwear and clothing brands.

Life in front of the camera taught me the value of fitness and it quickly became one of my biggest passions. I promote a healthy lifestyle with clean eating and regular exercise. I love sharing my knowledge to help people achieve their personal best and watching their progression inspires me. You won’t find fad diets or miracle pills here, just tried and true workouts along with healthy nutrition. Don’t get me wrong I love red velvet cupcakes as much as the next girl, but everything in moderation!

In early 2013, I co-founded Miami Model Citizens “More than just a bunch of pretty faces”, a non-profit organization. We’re a team of ladies helping animals, less fortunate kids, and families in need. Women in general face so many stereotypes and some people naturally associate how you look with your personality. Our movement is dedicated to helping those in need while breaking the stereotype associated with “pretty faces.” We all have an obligation to help those less fortunate and MMC is my outlet for giving back . We volunteer twice a month in the greater Miami area. Our ultimate goal is to expand the MMC movement to other cities in the country.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about me. To learn more about what I’ll be sharing on The Lisa Factor be sure to subscribe.